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Nootropics are brain boosters natural or synthetic compounds that can help enhance mental performance. Nootropics embrace different mechanisms of action.

The human brain is the most complex machine known in the universe. Brain dysfunction and neural inefficiencies are becoming more prominent these days as people are living more stressful lives.

From work pressure to social expectation pressure, it’s hard to manage time to spend with yourself. As a result, mental tiredness becomes inevitable and more people are getting diagnosed with different types of mental issues and neurological disorders.

In such a scenario, nootropics come as saviors for everyone. No matter how much stress you’re dealing with in your regular life, you can’t let your brain and nerves be impacted due to that. Too much stress and tension often lead to issues like improper mood balance, poor memory retention power, and many more.

With a reputed nootropic supplement, you can reverse the effects of neural and psychological disorders to some extent. In that case, nothing can be a better solution than Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro was launched to support the overall mental function and mental performance of users and the product has done justice with its reputation so far.

Mind Lab Pro meets the brain’s complex needs with 11 nootropics that work in six bio-pathways to optimize several cognitive functions.

According to the manufacturer, the Mind Lab Pro Canada supplement is the first nootropic of its kind.

This is because the formula is a “universal nootropic” with potential ingredients that supports every aspect of the cognitive process. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the supplement for students, athletes, and even entrepreneurs across the globe.

This Mind Lab Pro reviews provides enough information for those looking to boost their performance and clear brain fog. Does it work? Where can users find it? What are its side effects, pros, and cons? Read on to discover more about the Mind Lab Pro supplement.

What Are Nootropics ?

Nootropics are food supplements that improve mental performance and have a positive effect on the brain. They are designed to help you fully utilize your mental abilities and are popular with athletes, students, business people and fitness enthusiasts.

Nootropics aim to naturally support your mental performance. They are not medicines, but are generally based on herbal ingredients and mechanisms of action.

Anyone who is healthy and wants to optimize their mental performance can use nootropics. The plant substances of which they are made have a harmonizing and stimulating effect on the brain .

One of the key ingredients in nootropics is Citicoline . It has a stimulating effect. Another example is the so-called “vitamin B complex”.

Vitamin B complex has a more harmonizing effect and, together with Citicoline, is essential for the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin, which is largely responsible for well-being and mood. Different nootropic products contain these ingredients that allow you to achieve a holistic effect .

What is Mind Lab Pro ?

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is an intellectual performance booster nootropic . The product is designed in the UK and is manufactured in the USA in New Jersey. The manufacturing company that deals with this dietary supplement is called Opti-Nutra Limited.

Unlike some brain supplements that focus on addressing specific issues related to our brain functions, Mind Lab Pro Canada encompasses more of these functions to provide better results and a 100% functional brain. As you probably already know, the main purpose of the best nootropics is to boost our cognitive abilities.

The manufacturer includes a selection of natural ingredients which will all act in synergy to give you very good effects on the brain: plants, vitamins, mushrooms and other active ingredients will help you enjoy more benefits for your brain functions .


How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

According to the official website, Mind Lab Pro Canada works to support users’ cognitive abilities. As you’ve gone through this Mind Lab Pro review so far, you already know that the functional process of the supplement is completely different than other smart drugs. It achieves this in six different ways:

● Brain Chemistry

This bio-pathway improves the need for neural connections to promote memory and critical thinking. These eventually boost mood and elevate motivation. When your brain remains immensely active and functioning too fast, your brain pathways stand the chance to get clogged.

Also, chemical imbalances in the brain can also contribute to blocked brain pathways. When your brain pathways remain blocked, your overall cognitive function decreases drastically too. Your overall memory function will become poor and you’ll have a hard time remembering things.

In a broader spectrum, you stand higher chances to encounter mental fatigue and lower brain energy levels that can impact your daily lifestyle badly.

To prevent that, Mind Lab Pro clears the brain pathways to ensure intact synaptic connections among the brain cells. As a result, your memory function gets better and you enjoy better mental clarity.

● Brain Energy

This bio-pathway delivers nutrients to reduce brain fog and fatigue while promoting focus and concentration. Besides promoting optimal brain health, Mind Lab Pro Canada focuses on escalating overall brain energy to promote sharp strategic thinking capabilities and nerve growth.

The most important part about the supplement is that it multiplies the brain’s neurons to promote better mental agility. That contributes to keeping the brain healthy and the users enjoy better mental health as well.

By the way, the supplement targets the brain plasticity to improve cognitive functioning, and patients with cognitive impairment issues get benefited by this.

● Brain Regeneration

This helps reinstate and repair damaged brain cells from oxidative stress. It eventually improves plasticity and growth. As you grow older, the process of brain degeneration starts and you start experiencing cognitive decline as well.

Brain degeneration and cognitive decline can also happen when you go through intense periods of stress and mental pressure. Being rich in ingredients like organic lion’s mane mushroom, maritime pine bark extract, and others, Mind Lab Pro ensures brain regeneration which. means new brain cells start getting generated

● Brain Circulation

This bio-pathway helps supply the brain with oxygen and allows proper nutrient delivery while eliminating toxins and pathogens from the brain.

You must know that it’s important to increase cerebral blood flow to improve cognitive function and overall brain health. Besides offering other cognitive benefits, Mind Lab Pro Canada aims to increase blood flow to the brain to ensure enhanced cognitive health.

As the supplement aims to improve cerebral blood flow, your brain gets more oxygen and your overall cognitive performance gets better naturally. Laterally, your mental processing speed becomes better and your memory retention capabilities get improved as well.

● Brain Protection

This pathway fights with structural changes that degrade the brain as people age. As a complete brain protection formula, Mind Lab Pro doesn’t let the age-related structural changes in the brain occur easily and that keeps your overall brain function and cognitive functioning intact.

You get the opportunity to enjoy optimum brain health even when you grow old.

● Brain Waves

This pathway aids the production of brain chemicals that support creativity and learning. Alpha brain waves and brain signals are behind improving overall cognitive function.

If you want to improve cognitive function, you’re supposed to make sure that the alpha brain waves are releasing properly and reaching every part of your nervous system. This ensures optimal brain chemistry which results in better cognitive function and mental energy.

Mind Lab Pro Canada works to ensure the brain functions as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. It protects, supports, and improves cognitive abilities like no other nootropic currently on the market can do.

The clinical research behind the formula proves that the functional procedure of Mind Lab Pro is impeccable in terms of delivering the best cognitive benefits.

Best Features of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

As you already know, enormous supplements are sold on the market to boost mental performance and each of them comes with different functionalities.

Coming to Mind Lab Pro, this brain health booster ensures to improve long-term brain health in a unique process. To achieve its goals as the best brain booster supplement, Mind Lab Pro Canada comes with the following features:

● 100% Natural Composition

Smart drugs often contain substantial doses of chemical substances to deliver quick and effective results, but such elements are not good enough for long-term brain health. However, that’s not the case when it comes to Mind Lab Pro. This nootropic supplement aims to optimize brain function with all-natural ingredients.

The formula behind Mind Lab Pro contains pure natural ingredients that are completely free from side effects. All the natural properties used in Mind Lab Pro are blended in proper proportions so that they can boost the cognitive functions of users.

Most importantly, Mind Lab Pro Canada is formulated by a team of certified doctors and scientists, and that’s what makes the product completely safe and natural.

Naturally, the natural composition gives this nootropic supplement an edge over other smart drugs in terms of improving cognitive functioning.

● It Doesn’t Lead to Any Addiction

Nootropic supplements and smart drugs often tend to be addictive and users keep on consuming them on a continuous basis to improve mental performance. However, that’s not good at all for long-term brain health. Consisting of natural and non-addictive substances, Mind Lab Pro doesn’t lead you to develop any addiction and that’s the most important part about this exclusive nootropic supplement.

● Instant Acceleration of Brain Performance

Coming to improving mental performance, Mind Lab Pro Canada is capable of delivering instant results that most smart drugs fail to do. By nourishing the nerve growth factor in your nervous system, the supplement aims to improve your overall brain function within a short span.

You start enjoying better mental clarity and better mental energy levels as the supplement improves your overall cognitive function and fulfills your intense cognitive demands.

● Works Well With Vegan and Non-vegan Diet Plans

Another mentionable thing about Mind Lab Pro is that this nootropic supplement doesn’t require you to make any dietary changes to intensify the results.

No matter whether you’re following a vegan or non-vegan diet, you can get the best benefits of the supplement without making any changes to your dietary habits. That’s not what you get in several nootropic supplements and smart drugs.

So, these are the special factors about the nootropic supplement that make it so popular among users who are suffering from premature cognitive decline and other neural dysfunctions.

Ingredients Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro contains quality ingredients because they were picked from quality natural resources. According to the manufacturer, each supplement dosage is efficient and effective, having passed through clinical evaluations. Unlike other brain boosters on the market, Mind Lab Pro contains 11scientifically verified compounds.

Here are the effective ingredients working together to ensure that it achieves its purpose:

Ingredients List


This ingredient is included in the Mind Lab Pro Canada formula to help energize the brain and optimize the neural electrical impulses that power human thoughts. It also helps produce phosphatidylcholine, a major phospholipid that is available in the brain cell membranes. Besides, it promotes neurotransmitters and supports antioxidant activity in the brain.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

This ingredient is a compound that constitutes 15 percent of the brain’s fats. It allows the brain to maintain fluidity while optimizing receptors in the brain. Besides, it could help boost nerve growth factors that promote brain cell creation.

Bacopa Monnieri

This ingredient delivers antioxidants called bacosides. It helps protect the brain from the aging process delivered by free radicals. Bacopa also promotes the production of the brain chemicals GABA, acetylcholine, and serotonin.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This ingredient activates nerve growth factors, which supports the creation of brain cells. Besides, it has active nootropics known as hericenones and erinacines.

It’s scientifically proven that lion’s mane mushroom is an elementary ingredient to support brain health. Substantial doses of Lion’s mane mushroom are found in almost every nootropic supplement.

Thankfully, Mind Lab Pro is rich in an adequate amount of lion’s mane mushroom to deliver the best results in terms of mental clarity.

Science has proven that Lion’s mane mushroom is capable of delaying cognitive decline to some extent. Also, you will enjoy better mental energy levels as you take substantial doses of organic Lion’s mane mushroom on a regular basis.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This ingredient delivers powerful complex antioxidants that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier to help combat the damaging effects of toxic free radicals.

It contains compounds known as proanthocyanidins, which trigger the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the brain.

The primary function of this powerful ingredient is to reverse the effects of premature brain aging. This ingredient actively participates in keeping your brain from getting damaged by ensuring faster reproduction of brain cells.

By ensuring better blood flow to the brain, the element makes it possible to keep the pathways of the brain clear. Hence, your neural coordination gets better automatically.


This amino acid helps in the creation of neurotransmitters associated with mood, memory, and mental processing. According to some clinical research, tyrosine could help neutralize the effect of brain stress and help with the creation of neurotransmitters used up during stress.

This effective element is found in several stress-relieving medications and antidepressants due to its evident stress-relieving properties. Adequate doses of L-Tyrosine help you remain stress-free and you don’t get impacted by the damaging effects of repeated anxiety attacks and panic attacks.


Like tyrosine, theanine is another amino acid that works to boost the activity of alpha brainwaves. This type of brainwave is linked to increased creativity and wakeful relaxation.

Additionally, this ingredient could settle “excitable” neurotransmitters and support calming neurotransmitters such as dopamine, GABA, and serotonin. Importantly, it shields neurons from damage, which helps maintain clear thinking even in old age.

Rhodiola Rosea

This ingredient stimulates and sustains cognition-critical neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

Rhodiola helps these neurotransmitters with transportation across the blood-brain barrier. This ingredient may equally protect acetylcholine production and reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol.

Vitamins B6, B9, and B12

All the B vitamins are essential for brain health, but the ones mentioned here are significant in research studies. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 play a crucial role in homocysteine metabolism. Optimal levels of homocysteine are linked to improved overall mental performance.

Needless to specify, vitamins and minerals are extremely important for better brain coordination and brain functions. Being rich in effective doses of necessary vitamins and minerals, Mind Lab Pro Canada ensures better nutrient intake in the brain to nourish the brain cells.

All these potent ingredients are present in Mind Lab Pro in significant doses and that makes the formula more effective in terms of improving brain capacity and neural functions. The best thing about Mind Lab Pro is that all the ingredients are used in proper doses to maximize the utility of the brain booster formula.

What are the Benefits of Mind Lab Pro ?

Unlike other nootropics that target only a specific aspect of cognition, Mind Lab Pro delivers complete cognitive enhancement. Mind Lab Pro is famous for supporting the entire nervous system and the functions of the nervous system properly. Here are the main benefits associated with this formula:

● Improved Creativity

Once consumed, Mind Lab Pro Canada allows users to remain focused and feel energetic. It also allows them to stay relaxed, positive while finding new ideas formed in their minds. This helps them to unlock their full creative potential.

Regular consumption of Mind Lab Pro capsules makes you more creative and crafty. Also, your task management skills get better with the consumption of the capsules. You get to deal with your personal and official works in a better manner.

● Improved Focus and Concentration

Both in the workplace and at home, poor focus and lack of concentration can ruin productivity. Mind Lab Pro enables users to stay focused on the tasks for a more extended period while allowing them to be more productive and knock out tasks much more efficiently.

● Improved Energy Levels

Mind Lab Pro supplies users with adequate energy that lasts for a more extended period. The best part is that it has no stimulants so that users won’t experience a crash similar to other caffeinated products. Additionally, Mind Lab Pro Canada comes with natural ingredients that help neutralize mental fatigue and clear brain fog.

The supplement aims to escalate your energy levels with natural ingredients and that is why you can retain higher energy levels for a long time. Most importantly, you can reverse the effects of energy exhaustion if you’re undergoing repeated phases of depression and anxiety.

As the product elevates your energy levels superbly, you feel more energized to participate in the activities you love. No matter what you do throughout the day, your brain will support your activities superbly as you keep on consuming Mind Lab Pro capsules.

● Improved Memory Recall

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the key ingredients used in formulating Mind Lab Pro. This ingredient is clinically certified to support memory recall. Additionally, phosphatidylserine and citicoline are two other key ingredients in this formula that improve memory recall.

Memory retention is a vital cognitive ability and the majority of nootropics can’t ensure better memory retention capabilities. The powerful ingredients present in Mind Lab Pro Canada collectively boost memory retention capabilities and you handle your work and all other aspects of your life smartly.

● Improved Mood

Mind Lab Pro comes with many ingredients that promote the release of mood-boosting brain chemicals, including dopamine and serotonin. Once consumed, Mind Lab Pro delivers a much more positive outlook and leaves users feeling better throughout the day.

This feature is especially helpful for users who are going through clinical depression or other neurological disorders. As a perfect brain booster, Mind Lab Pro makes you feel better by improving your mood in general.

Even in times of severe stress, you may feel positive enough to deal with the situation in a better way as you consume the pills. Mind Lab Pro Canada rarely lets you feel low or depressed.

● Neuroprotection and Brain Regeneration

The Mind Lab Pro formula improves not only cognitive abilities but also targets overall brain health. Many of the ingredients used in this formula help the brain regenerate and heal from oxidative stress, among other pathogens that weakens the brain’s ability to function at optimal standards.

Brain regeneration is something that most nootropics don’t accomplish. The active ingredients of Mind Lab Pro make it possible to generate new brain cells while nourishing them to boost the overall function of the brain.

With optimized brain cell regeneration, you feel fresh throughout the day and your brain functions get better over time.

According to the manufacturer, these are just part of the several benefits that Mind Lab Pro delivers. According to the official website, most users witness results almost instantly, but individual results can vary. The manufacturer encourages long-term use of the formula to deliver the best results.

Testimonials Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro
Mind Lab Pro


Side Effects, Risks, And Warnings of Mind Lab Pro ?

As stated by the manufacturer, Mind Lab Pro is one of the safest brain boosters on the market. All the eleven ingredients in the formula contain no artificial colors, gluten, GMO, preservatives, caffeine, or other additives. The capsules are clean, too, delivering 100% brain-boosting nutrition.

Many of its ingredients are upgraded with improved potency. They are available in forms that the body can easily absorb and utilize. The company takes all these quality steps to develop a universal nootropic that everyone can use comfortably without any side effects.

As detailed on the official website, each Mind Lab Pro Canada formula ingredient has been clinically studied and certified to support mental capabilities safely and effectively. For that reason, the supplement is tolerated well by nearly every user—with only a few users reporting mild adverse effects while using the supplement.

In some isolated cases, some users complained of mild stomach discomfort during the first days of use. However, in nearly every case, these symptoms faded within the first few days of use. Generally, no adverse effects are associated with taking Mind Lab Pro. All the same, those who doubt whether the formula is fit for them should consult a medical professional before buying and using Mind Lab Pro Canada.

How to Use and Who Should Use Mind Lab Pro ?

Especially for students, brain boosters help to improve memory retention, which is precisely what Mind Lab Pro seeks to achieve. Additionally, the formula enhances cognitive skills, which is an extra benefit with several advantages attached.

Mind Lab Pro is designed for athletes, students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone above 55 years of age. Instead of using chemically modified drugs that negatively affect the whole body, Mind Lab Pro could be the best solution.

Notably, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend the formula for children because it contains natural ingredients that children’s systems might not tolerate. The Mind Lab Pro formula works effectively to prevent the relapse of brain cells even as the body ages.

The natural aging process brings along issues with focus and memory power, which become weaker with age. People with a brief history of memory loss can use Mind Lab Pro Canada to help them bridge this gap. Besides, the formula is easy to use and the dosage simple to remember.

The manufacturer recommends taking the doses at the designated time every day for as long as needed. The Mind Lab Pro dosage is written on the product label. For best results, the users should take two supplement capsules every day, at least for a whole month.

Notably, users should expect outcomes at the end of the first week. It’s not advisable to exceed the dosage to 4 capsules per day or one capsule a day, as this could invite serious side effects.

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro in Canada ?

The Mind Lab Pro formula is currently available for purchase on the official website. The manufacturer recommends buying from the official website https://www.mindlabpro.com/ , to ensure that you get a genuine product and avoid getting scammed.

Those who are ready to order can visit the website and order at the following prices:

Mind Lab Pro Price
  • Buy one bottle of Mind Lab Pro at CA$89.00
  • Buy two bottles of Mind Lab Pro for a total of CA$178.00
  • Buy three bottles of Mind Lab Pro for a total of CA$267.00 + one FREE bottle

Once ordered, the manufacturer provides fast, worldwide shipping with tracked mail service. Each order is accompanied by a tracking number, mailed to the buyer within 24 hours of dispatch. More importantly, the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee for all its products.

Users can test the Mind Lab Pro formula for 30 days risk-free. Those who don’t get the desired results can ask for a refund, which the manufacturer initiates without any question.

Buy Mind Lab Pro

Final Verdict Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro works for anyone, including students, artists, athletes, or anyone looking to improve their cognitive abilities. The formula comes with clinically verified ingredients and ideal dosages to maximize performance quickly and safely. According to the manufacturer, scores of people have already used the supplement and reported positive effects.

In this detailed Mind Lab Pro Review, we have discussed all the significant factors about Mind Lab Pro Canada to help you determine whether you should buy the product or not. It’s evident that Mind Lab Pro is an excellent product to improve the functions of your central nervous system.

Some users also claimed that they have been able to improve Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairment issues to some extent while using Mind Lab Pro. As you have gone through the Mind Lab Pro review, you must have checked all the benefits Mind Lab Pro has to offer.

Needless to mention, Mind Lab Pro is one of the best nootropics available on the market at present. Most importantly, Mind Lab Pro Canada comes at an affordable price range and anyone can purchase Mind Lab Pro without checking his wallet twice.

The best thing about this product is that it is completely free from harmful and persistent side effects. Hopefully, this Mind Lab Pro review has been able to clear all your doubts regarding the product. So, we strongly suggest you go for Mind Lab Pro over similar nootropics to get the best possible mental benefits.

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